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Lost Between Dodge City & Narn

Flarn Zukuski
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Wait for the movie version.*wink*


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User Number: 2921360
Date Created:4/22/2004
Number of Posts: 10,975

flarn_chef has never cooked flarn, but is a chef. The cats (sadly one at the moment) that own flarn_chef would prefer her feeding them 24/7, than be posting in her live journal.
Strengths: ~Plays well with others ~Is moderately housebroken ~Unfortunately, has been accused of being too cheerful ~Has most of her own teeth
Weaknesses: ~Ben & Jerry's ~Vodka ~Asian food ~Pet fur ~Mira Furlan ~Anything GUNSMOKE or Babylon 5 ~Bob...
Special Skills: I are a cullege gaguate. Not able to leap tall buildings or act her age.
Weapons: My rapier wit, and a neurotic dog with attitude
Motto: Pork is our friend

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