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14 March 2012 @ 09:49 am
RL..... Really?  

"When is your Easter this year?"
*rolls eyes*

It is the younger Nuns (the ones between 70 & 80) that can't seem to remember that Jews don't celebrate Easter. The one's well over 80 get it right .......or  they just can't recall who I am. 
Every year at Christmas and Easter, I have to remind some of the girls that Jews don't believe in Christ.
Yes, they are shocked.
Many are relieved and some amused when I tell them that we do believe that Jesus was a fabulous carpenter.

So there is a local free paper called The Green Sheet..... and it is green, the cover page at least. It is filled with silly nonsense like the horoscope, occasional Ring Wing rants, Ghost sightings, DVD release dates along with other useless info. The rest of the paper is chock filled with crappy job ads, vehicles for sale, garage/yard sales and an endless list of 'stuff' for sale.

Now the usual finds are clothes..... either sizes so tiny or so huge it is laughable.
Engagement rings for sale... only worn once.
Fix-r-upper houses for sale OR rent to own.
Fish tanks, free kittens, exercise equipment, furniture, computers, auto parts and the like...

Last week had some curious items...
12 ft "professional grade" stripper pole
and another listing....
Full body harness, 10 ft ladder and a small aluminum stage

Winters are boring here, so I guess spring cleaning is starting early with the hope of outdoor entertainment

Moody Me: weirdweird
tayryn: GS - smirktayryn on March 14th, 2012 01:59 pm (UTC)
stripper pole?


i need to get one for my niece...