Sound of Silence

The good thing about being deaf in one ear, is not hearing the car crash at 4am that hit three cars and seared off the fire hydrant.

The bad thing about hearing loss is not hearing the firetruck, ambulance and police cars, after the car crash at 4am that hit three cars and seared off the fire hydrant.
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X Poppins

Time April's On

Feeding an extra 20 hungry Nuns this weekend, from as far away as New Mexico and Hawaii. The group is making arrangements/plans for this summer's
'chapter' gathering. I'm not exactly sure what this all entails, but there will be over 250 visiting Sisters from hither and yon.
Am exhausted just thinking about it.....

I will not take back all the mean spirited things I have said about my boss. He is still an over paid putz.
BUT I do feel bad for him... now that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Many things are up in the air because he has no idea how long he may be off, or even if he'll be able to come back.

There is only six weeks left until the mammoth Jubilee next month. We expect hundreds for that festivity. *sigh*

For the record.... I never wanted my boss dead.. just elsewhere, in another healthcare facility's kitchen.

I am totally and terribly addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race and am thrilled that a local queen is in the top three!
Gaga for Needles
I *heart* Sharon
Beautiful, Spooky and Stupid..... but the stupid part seems to only be a selling tool.

Now..................... off to work with my old self.
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Dillon Dreamin'

Another Day, Another $1.29

Sister Rosemond passed away very early Saturday morning. She was 98 and pretty much until the end, was mentally better than I'll probably be ... in five years.

When I first started working with the Sisters, I was forewarned of there moods. Being a secular heathen, I feared what that meant. At first glance, Sr Rosemond looked like the A-typical caricature of what I'd seen in movies or heard comedians speak of. She was one of the few that still wore the helmet, I mean veil, seemed to always have a stern look and was generally quiet.

Being the queen of the one liners when I'm nervous, I blurted out something (most likely screwy, flighty or vaguely cryptic) as I helped another Sister to Rosemond's table. Shit just flies outta my mouth way before my brain has had a chance to review it.
Rosemond was the only one that laughed. 
My chatter often caused her to roll her blue gray eyes that were near hidden behind her glasses.....

Due to recent dietary restrictions, her favorite food was banned from her life.
Dark Chocolate
I used to slide her some when we had tapioca for desert. She seemed to be about the only Nun that didn't think tapioca was nirvana. One of my co-workers placed a tiny foil wrapped piece of dark chocolate in the coffin next to the small pillow that held Rosemond's ... ummmm... 'married to Jesus' ring.

Long and the short of it..... I volunteered/offered to help later today for the funeral. Overtime and respect are good things....
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Mrs Lovett

(no subject)

There were some beautiful days this past week, so one afternoon I took a short walk through the convent cemetery.
I counted thirty-eight Sisters having passed since I began working at the Motherhouse.
So many that touched my heart......
We haven't had a funeral in sometime, which gets my little head to thinking we could lose a bumper crop soon.
With two already over one hundred and a few more on the threshold of their own milestone birthdays.....


Gonna be a big Jubilee this year.....
Sister Pauline and Sister Catherine both celebrate their 75th anniversary.
Seventy-five years as a Nun....... boggles the mind,
 and of theirs work better than mine sometimes!
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RL..... Really?

"When is your Easter this year?"
*rolls eyes*

It is the younger Nuns (the ones between 70 & 80) that can't seem to remember that Jews don't celebrate Easter. The one's well over 80 get it right .......or  they just can't recall who I am. 
Every year at Christmas and Easter, I have to remind some of the girls that Jews don't believe in Christ.
Yes, they are shocked.
Many are relieved and some amused when I tell them that we do believe that Jesus was a fabulous carpenter.

So there is a local free paper called The Green Sheet..... and it is green, the cover page at least. It is filled with silly nonsense like the horoscope, occasional Ring Wing rants, Ghost sightings, DVD release dates along with other useless info. The rest of the paper is chock filled with crappy job ads, vehicles for sale, garage/yard sales and an endless list of 'stuff' for sale.

Now the usual finds are clothes..... either sizes so tiny or so huge it is laughable.
Engagement rings for sale... only worn once.
Fix-r-upper houses for sale OR rent to own.
Fish tanks, free kittens, exercise equipment, furniture, computers, auto parts and the like...

Last week had some curious items...
12 ft "professional grade" stripper pole
and another listing....
Full body harness, 10 ft ladder and a small aluminum stage

Winters are boring here, so I guess spring cleaning is starting early with the hope of outdoor entertainment

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And This Too Shall Pass

A radio announcer once said.....
"It you don't like the weather in Pittsburgh, wait 5 minutes and it will change."

That quote wasn't truer yesterday. 
Watching from the wall of windows in the kitchen of the Motherhouse, I observed the day go from brisk & sunny to blizzard-like white out to sunny with white fluffy clouds to ominous yellow gray with dark angry clouds to something like sleet.

I saw snow cover all the grass by the cemetery, only to be melted in minutes by the sun.
Unfortunately, by the time I left work the sun had just set and there was a good inch or so of heavy wet snow ob my car. 

Did the Mayan's warn use about this, or was it Al Gore?
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Ups and Downs

Boss wasn't in yesterday...but will be in today.

It is supposed to go up to 66 this afternoon...... but snow & rain are predicted this evening, with a low of 36.

Regained my energy, seeming recovered from bronchitis..... now am being entertained by a stomach virus.

Bob got the re-sized Sadie Hawkins Day ring I gave him back from the jeweler.....

Crappy phone pic, but it is a blue topaz. 
Now the Nuns wanna know where mine is.
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Great Woman

So Here I Am.....

Took today and possibly tomorrow off.

Bob had a cataract/lens replacement procedure this morning.  At the moment, he has one giant anime eye pupil and is shrinking from the light in 'Anne Rice character' fashion. 

While he was... having his eye poked...... *g*.... I used his laptop and worked on fanfic, so I got something accomplished.  
I'll hopefully head on home tomorrow, after he has a next day checkup. I'm sure violetteapot109 is ready to get home to her animal children and kitty boy, Galen is tired of hiding under my bed.

....and I'm bored.
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Blues Broz

Back to the Routine

I knew the boss was gonna blame me for his cold.....
It is what he does. He is incredibly predictable.

The first day I was back, he wasn't there. I was told that he had a doctor's appointment.
So he called after seeing the doctor to tell me I gave him my cold.

The evil streak in my grew wide and I got to say what I'd planed on telling him, when I was accused.

"I didn't give you your cold. I have bronchitis. Besides, if I was gonna give you anything, it'd be something like the Black Plague. It is much easier to deal with...... you just die."

Hahaha.... yah, I know.... I'm just full of sugary venom.

Yesterday and today he left early.  I felt blessed.
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