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Flarn Zukuski
15 February 2012 @ 09:48 am
I shall make an attempt to return to work today.
This is the first day that my temperature has been normal in a week and a half.

I already know for a fact that a number of Nuns have been asking about my well being.
'Being,' I can attest to, but the 'well' part is still questionable.

Wanna go back to bed.
No surprise at that thought..

Thx hoperomantic for my lil' gifty!
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Flarn Zukuski
10 February 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Oh how I wanted to get out of spending Wednesday, trapped in a car with my boss.
Problem solved.... I called off sick.
The malady I wished for has lingered on, so I have yet to 'play' work this week.

Unfortunately, there will be another Wednesday in the not too distant future, that I will have to spend with my illustrious supervisor.

Those closest to me think I should just take of the rest of the week. I just hate using up my PTO hours on something other than a vacation time.

*wheezy sigh*
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Huh?: shmorky sinuses
Flarn Zukuski
07 February 2012 @ 08:47 am
I foolishly never made time to get a flu shot.
So I'm suffering from flu-like symptoms...


THEN again.....
Perchance my malady is enhanced by the knowledge that I am to spend the whole day with my boss, checking out other healthcare facilities.
...for creative ideas to use at the Motherhouse.
I know the first place we are gonna visit is a retirement community et. al, where the inhabitants are worth millions to afford to live there.

My co-worker went with him last week, and now it is my turn......
to be trapped in his car with him for eight hours.

This Jew will be offering a couple of prayers to her unofficial patron saint, Saint Jude.....
the patron saint of lost causes.
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Huh?: *wheeeeeze*
Flarn Zukuski
02 February 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Damn fat rodent saw his shadow....again.....
Supposedly six more weeks of winter.  
Hell, we've barely had six weeks of winter weather period this season.

My boss is having us save all the aluminum foil we use, to fund a Christmas party. He is so incredibly cheap. Every time we add to the pile, one of us says, "Ooooo... that's another potato chip's worth!"

One of my co-workers pointed out that the world as we know it is to come to an end in October, so I suggested an
end of the universe party. 
We can party like it's..... year one. 
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Flarn Zukuski
27 January 2012 @ 10:11 pm
Ninety-six year old Sister Mary Jaskel has been feeling under the weather. 
She is sharper than a tack and though she seems to have a regal stance about her, she is very down to

I adore chatting with her at the end of the day. We both share stories about our lives.
Since she wasn't feeling well, another Nun was going to deliver her dinner to her room.
When I questioned the meal order, Sister Michelle gave me for Sr Mary, she told me to call her in her room,
and then gave me the wrong extension number.

Sr Michelle is loving dotty and sweet......

After getting the correct extension from the switchboard, I went over Sister's meal order. She surprised me
by asking for a few things I didn't think she'd eat and then turned down the one thing I thought she would want....
custard pie.

I don't know the connection, but she said she has never been able to eat custard pie since she had Typhoid,
back when she first joined the order.  She explained that the Nun doing the cooking was the carrier and was immune.
Many of the women got sick and about a dozen died.  I was too busy holding my tongue, trying not to blurt out...
"OMG.. I'm talking to Typhoid Mary!" to realize that this happened around 1934 when she was nineteen or so..

I often forget her age and the history she has lived through.
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Flarn Zukuski
24 January 2012 @ 02:50 pm
Had a lovely 2 hour delicious Asian lunch with Bob's daughter and son-in-law.
They are moving to San Diego at the end of the week, because he got a job there with Lockheed.(I think)
I also think they will be happier in the land of sunshine, now that they are both Vegetarian/Vegan-ish exercise freaks.

My lunch included: baby bok choy,
plucked quietly from their bok choy bassinets and happily tossed with sesame seeds.  

I want more... now!
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Flarn Zukuski
22 January 2012 @ 08:26 am

The end of another screwy week.  I was so wired for sound (sans diet Coke) at the end of the day yesterday, that I told a nun apologizing for being late for dinner that it was "no problem.... I'm in a fabulous mood, so enjoy it while you can. I know I am!"

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Flarn Zukuski
17 January 2012 @ 05:29 pm
So I redid my header, making it a little bigger.....
I still can't figure out how t center the gosh darn thing or even if I should be deleting the notes from the designer.

Well, at least I can pride myself in the knowledge that I speak English better than most Americans....
When I want to.
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Flarn Zukuski
17 January 2012 @ 09:58 am
Is the pre-shifting of the polar axis, that damn Mayan prediction, or the three day a week visits to the chiropractor that is making me cranky over the rapid temperature changes?!?

Today is will be in the 50's..... tomorrow back down into the 20's or below.

The chiropractor seems to be helping, though hours after the session I feel like 1,000 monkeys jumped up & down on me. 
In the long run, the financial cost is gonna hurt a might at $120 a week, but at least I got my amusing disposition back for the Nuns.

The magic spell has broken and the dog is hiding under my desk in fear.  Guess the new neighbors are having a bad day because they're slamming and banging things.... making my walls shake.
Or maybe they are building the Panama Canal in their basement. 
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Flarn Zukuski
13 January 2012 @ 10:19 am
Finally... winter arrived......
I had to pry my frozen car door open with a screwdriver.
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